Dr. Ajay Wagh Shares his Experience Using the Ambu® aScope™ 5 HD Single-Use Bronchoscope

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28 marzo 2023
Chicago interventional pulmonologist, Dr. Ajay Wagh, discusses his participation in an aScope™ 5 Broncho benchtop research laboratory and details his observations of it’s use in therapeutic type procedures as well as advanced diagnostic procedures and biopsies. Maneuverability, handling and flexion extension of the scope were all at optimum levels in his clinical procedures.

“The aScope 5 has a very small footprint and in a place like the operating room that's always congested, especially for us doing bronchoscopy, we have to maneuver around each other. It's nice to have something that's small and portable, that's just as effective as a reusable scope and from that standpoint we're very excited to have used it in the operating room,” said Wagh.

Learn more about how the aScope 5 sets the standard for single-use bronchoscopes: